Vintage Ski Photo - 1948 Woman's Ski Team

Antique Photograph of the 1948 Woman's Ski Team
© Vintage Winter

Photoed from left to right: Gretchen Fraser, Andrea Mead, Paula Kann and Brynhild Grasmoen.  These incredible women were some of the first to race after the war.  Without a coach the women trained throughout the summer on their own.  Gretchen Fraser once reported as a "youthful housewife and American matron" ended up winning Gold and Silver in slalom and combined downhill (the US's first ever skiing medal at the Olympics).  Andrea Mead, 15 years old at the time, almost won the downhill but crashed near the finish.   Brynchild finished 9th and Paula Kann finished 11th.  A great photo available in a variety of finishes.

1948 Woman's Olympic Slalom Ski Team Results.
1948 Woman's Ski Team Olympic Slalom Results.

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