Vintage Ski Photo - The Big E

The Big E signature metal Mosiac.
© Vintage Winter

Choose your favorite image below and see it transform into a stunning photo mosiac split image.  MetalPrints are a one-of-a-kind artform where our images are transferred directly onto aluminum and preserved with state of the art glossy finishes that make everyone say WOW!  They are highly durable, ultra scratch-resistant and weatherproof.  I bet you've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print!  The colors are vibrant and the luminescence is amazing.  Our metal prints feature 1/8" rounded corners and a custom mounting system that 'floats' the image off the wall by 1/2 inch (see photo).  The Big E includes one 20"x32" and three 10"x13"'s for ~34"x32" overall coverage.

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