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c. 1930's Backcountry Ski Trip Vintage Photo
© Vintage Winter

Every time I look at this photo I wish I was in it.  Untracked backcountry powder snow in an absolutely stunning location.  The Matterhorn lies between Italy and Switzerland in the Pennine Alps.  A fantastic location for a four faced mountain rising 14,690' surrounded by glaciers, overlooking the famous ski town of Zermatt.    I have my eye on a few lines I'd like to ski, anyone want in?  All in all a great vintage ski photo that would be a wonderful addition to your ski chalet decor.  Available in a variety of finishes.

Kodak Endura Prints - Our standard print is on Kodak Endura Professional photo paper with a fine grain pebble texture.  Kodak Endura uses state-of-the-art image stability and lasts 100+ years in a typical home setting.  Check out our competitors who use plain generic printer paper for twice the cost!  

Metal Prints - Metal Prints are a one-of-a-kind artform where our images are transferred directly onto aluminum and preserved with state of the art glossy finishes that make everyone say WOW!  I bet you have never seen a more brilliant and impressive print!  The colors are vibrant and the luminescence is amazing.  Our metal prints feature 1/8" rounded corners and a custom mounting system that 'floats' the image off the wall by 1/2 inch (see photo).  

Canvas Prints - Our Canvas prints are truly beautiful.  We print them on a custom Giclee canvas with a glossy laminate.  Our Canvas Prints feature a custom mounting system that 'floats' the image off the wall by 1/2 inch (see photo).

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