Ski Coat Rack - 47" Ski Coat Hooks (newly made)

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Ski Coat Rack - Ski Coat Hooks
New 21st century
Wood, Metal
47"l x 3"w x 5"d
© Vintage Winter

These replica vintage ski coat racks are crafted one at a time just like they were made over 100 years ago.  First Ash wood is selected for its character and durability, next the wood is kiln dried and stored until the moisture content is just right.  Then skilled woodworkers shape and carve these skis by hand creating the beautiful form and style seen in antique skis of the early 20th century. Notice the grooves on the top sheet, c. 1920s pointed tip design, early forged metal bindings with leather straps, and decorative cast iron hooks.  Attaches with included screws (holes pre-drilled).



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