Antique Swiss Steel Morier Cowbell

Antique Swiss Morier Cowbell
Leather, Bronze
Overall hanging length in photo: 21", Leather strap: 5 1/2" wide
Bell: 6 1/2” wide x 5 1/2" tall
© Vintage Winter

Coming from the

Fonderie Brügger (Morier) this bell is sonnet forged in steel.  Unique one of a kind leather strap with hand carved brass accentuating the red leather detail.  The back of this strap is adorned with 8 rivets set in a castle pattern.  This bell is in wonderful antique condition and has been preserved with a leather conditioner and a light cleaning of the brass.  If desired this bell would polish to a mirror finish however we leave that decision to the next owner.  We tend to fall in love with the patina a bell develops over time.

This Bell comes to us from the Burbank collection.


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