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While there are quite a few methods to hang your antique wooden golf clubs, our personal favorite is the good old ‘leather strap’ method. We sell them here.  

Included in each "kit" are two - 4" strip(s) of BROWN leather and 4 drywall screws for a simple yet elegant do-it-yourself installation. Our leather mounting kit is a great way to hang your vintage or antique golf clubs. It not only looks great, but really works well to secure your equipment to the wall. You can refer to our blog post for detailed directions on how to hang your antique clubs. Leather strips vary slightly in color and patina. Each piece of leather is hand cut from durable new buffalo leather.  Sends via USPS.  *Black Leather available upon request. 

Golf Club Mounting Kits:  
Come with 2 - 4" straps of leather, and 4 black drywall screws.

How many "Kits" do you need?
Most people like the security of hanging the clubs with a strip at the hosel and grip of each club. This is also a good way to CROSS your clubs in an X. 


1. Hold club in desired place
2. Screw one side of the leather strip to wall
3. Place club "inside" leather strip and "trap" the club to the wall by screwing another screw into the other end of the leather as close as possible to the club - keeping the club snug to the wall.
4. Repeat at the hosel and grip of each club. 

how to hang vintage golf clubs


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