Red Bull Supernatural at Baldface Lodge - Watch on NBC

March 31, 2012 1 min read

Our friends at Baldface have recently hosted what we think is the future of riding events.  The Red Bull Signature Series is a series of events that take the sporting genre that they are a part of to the next level. The Red Bull Supernatural at Baldface Lodge is no exception. This is just a taste from the eyes of Jeff Pensiero about the event which will air on NBC Saturday, March 31 at 1:00 pm ET. 

Red Bull Supernatural brings together 18 of the best back country snowboarders for a one-day freestyle competition on a course designed to show off and test each athlete’s strength in various disciplines of the sport. Red Bull Supernatural promises to deliver a run beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

“Red Bull Supernatural calls upon all necessary skills; the ability to ride natural terrain, to navigate down big mountain lines, to ride powder, pillows and adverse, crazy obstacles. Most importantly the course will call on one’s freestyle knowledge and experience forcing riders to integrate that into one’s all-mountain riding,” says Travis Rice.

“The contestants are basically on a cat-boarding trip. They’ll be shredding lines, eating good food, hanging out, playing ping pong and enjoying each other’s company that week. And then they get to have a wicked contest on the nicest day of the week!” says Jeff Pensiero, owner of Baldface Lodge.

“It’s a snowboarding contest that will truly determine the best all-around snowboarder in the world. I'm excited to see the different aspects of snowboarding represented and riders competing on this custom-made stage.”

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