SIA Show - 2012

February 13, 2012 1 min read

We were again excited, inspired, and breath-taken, by all of the action and possibility at the SIA show.  The show was held January 26-29 at the Colorado Convention Center.  

Excited by:  the newest, coolest tech gear and equipment.  Its easy to get excited with many of the new technology products coming out - including more water proof fabrics, green / recycled bottles as warmth / polyfill, and bamboo ski poles - making a comeback.

Inspired by:  some of the best booth construction, lighting, props and merchandising I've ever seen.  I particularly enjoyed seeing a lot of the barn boards being re-used for booth backdrops.  I also took notice of a couple double decker booths - hosting client meetings above, and the product tours down below.  Some of the booth construction that happens for these shows is quite incredible.   Obermeyer takes 6300 square feet - of display area - including a fashion show area, multiple meeting and try-on zones, and a hospitality coffee bar. 

Breath-taken by the sheer size and scope of the industry.  It is incredible to be standing side-by-side along with other industry salespeople, and having the aisles FILLED with potential clients.  I also saw more cool hats than any one person could wear over a lifetime - even if you wore a different one each day.  

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