Vintage Skis and Snowshoes by Saggahew

January 07, 2014 1 min read

Saggahew Sporting Goods
HH Saggahew Quality Trademark Sporting Goods.

The Saggahew brand started around the turn of the century between 1900 and 1910.  A typical logo of Saggahew includes the HH Quality verbiage along with an Indian Head figures left facing profile.  Saggahew was marketed by M.W. and W.A. Hanscomb who started a hardware store in 1865 in Haverhill Massachusetts.  Sometime in their first years of operation they simplified their name to the Hanscomb Brothers.  Later in the first half of 1900 they changed their name again to Hanscomb Hardware hence the HH seen in their logos.  Mr. M.W. Hanscom retired in c. 1908 and was succedded by John S. Mason as president and Urban W. Leavitt as treasurer who incorporated the business later that year.



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