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Found Viking Age 1300 year old Skis

November 08, 2014

1300 Year old Viking wooden Ski found in Norway
Photo: Oppland County Authority. Viking Iron Age Ski c. 714

With every passing year melting snow on the worlds glaciers reveal archaeological discoveries formally hidden from view. Alpine conditions wonderfully preserve these antiquities with curator admiration. A few days ago in the Oppland region of Norway, skis from the 8th century were discovered! Photoed is archaeologist Runar Hole with the 1300 year old ski; C14-dated.

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Vintage Skis and Snowshoes by Saggahew

January 07, 2014

Saggahew Skis

The Saggahew brand started around the turn of the century between 1900 and 1910. A typical logo of Saggahew includes the HH Quality verbiage along with an Indian Head figures left facing profile. Saggahew was marketed by M.W. and W.A. Hanscomb who started a hardware store in 1865 in Haverhill Massachusetts.